"Welcoming Spring" Wreath

Well I certainly wouldn't have known when I left for work this morning, but spring is FINALLY HERE! After what felt like such a cold, grueling winter season, I can definitely say I had Spring Fever. Even though the weather is still pretty unpredictable this time of year (especially in good ol' Ohio), there's just something about spring that gives me so much energy! Leaves are budding, birds are chirping, the sun is actually still up when I leave work, it's just the beginning of great things. 

Like this!

Our first #SpringHasSprung project is crazy easy and super adorable. It will give your front door that welcoming pop of fresh spring colors and probably increase your chances of being the cutest house on the block.

To make this "Welcoming Spring" wreath you will need:

  1. An embroidery hoop at least 1' in diameter
  2. Diamondhard RePurpose in Ivory Flake and Olive
  3. An assortment of flowers (make sure to get more plant vines than actual flowers if you want it to look like this one!)
  4. A wire cutter (for the flowers!)
  5. Twine
  6. Hot glue gun

It's actually, like, really easy.

  1. The first step for this project is to "prune" the flowers to your liking. The ones I purchased for this project came with really long stems so it takes a little trial and error to get them the correct length. Be sure to leave a little bit of a stem on the actual flower blossoms so you have something to glue to the wreath.
  2. After pruning the flowers, take apart the hoop and paint both the outside and inside hoop. For my wreath, I painted the outside hoop Ivory Flake and the inside hoop Olive. This just gives a nice little pop of color on the wreath.
  3. Once the paint has completely dried, put the hoops back together and make sure the metal screw is really tight so it doesn't come apart! Use hot glue to assemble the flower arrangement however you'd like. Glue the flower blossoms on last.
  4. After the arrangement has completely dried in place, use twine to secure it in place by tying little parts of the arrangement to the hoop, roughly 2" apart, as shown.
  5. Tie a piece of twine to the top of the hoop so that you can hang it. You may need to do a little finagling with the twine so that the hoop does not hang off-center with the excess weight of the flowers.
  6. Put your beautiful wreath out front and shout "WELCOME SPRING!!" because I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that is the ancient secret way to end winter weather and make the sun officially shine!  

Well, unfortunately, Ohio doesn't seem to care that it's the first day of Spring and my awesome plan of hanging this on my front door to show off didn't really pan out. Still, it's a pretty enough piece that it looks nice just hanging on our wall! Once the weather gets nicer I'll get some photos of the wreath on an actual door, but in the meantime, I'm just going to pretend it feels like Spring!

WREATH 2.jpg