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It doesn't get any better than this...

Diamondhard RePurpose is the perfect product for any re-purpose project you may have. More versatile than chalk paint (which is marketed strictly for furniture), Diamondhard Re-Purpose works on all interior and exterior surfaces including aluminum, brick, copper, drywall, glass, plastic, steel, tile and anything else you may be creative enough to try it on. It is a complete one-step process which does not require sanding or priming before application making in the perfect product for all you crafty DIY-ers out there who want to add a little more color in your lives.

RePurpose Colors.jpg

APplication tips:

  • Do not use dishwashing liquids to clean painted surfaces.

  • Avoid spray-type cleaners when cleaning Re-Purpose Enamel.

  • Use light, even strokes when brushing as excessive brushing may lead to brush marks.

  • Use light, even strokes when rolling as excessive rolling may lead to roller lap marks and film texture.

  • Allow paint to cure for a few days before excessive handling.

  • Follow suggested preparation and application instructions carefully.

  • Use only high quality tools for application.

  • Apply product in thin, even coats.

  • Do not rush recommended re-coat time.

  • Although not required, better hiding will be realized if surface is lightly scuff-sanded prior to application. (Be sure to remove any sanding dust first.)